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We do more than just build websites, we help users reach missions and expand careers. In the end, we’re only as good as what our users say, so don’t take our word for it, go right to the source.

Anna Marie Faulkner

Anna Marie Faulkner: Director of Marketing, Lookingglass Theatre Company

Working for a mid-size theatre, we aren’t able to employ a full-time web person on the marketing team. This meant that over the years with changing team members and developing technologies, we often ran into website issues that we did not know how to resolve. The huge draw in working with Venture Industries Online was their business model which offers continuous support for a reasonable annual fee, even after the site had been developed and launched.

Not only were Drew and the team incredibly attentive and professional during the migration process, but they continue to be very responsive to questions that arise day-to-day. The 24/7 support that they provide has been incredibly helpful: from troubleshooting problems to providing tutorials on how to accomplish a task, they always come through. As Drew says, if it takes you more than 5 minutes, contact him! Additionally, the custom “team member” and “calendar” functionality they developed for us allows us to utilize the website better as a marketing tool, highlighting the unique assets of Lookingglass and making it easier for users to purchase tickets. I would highly recommend working with Venture Industries Online!

Jana Liles: Director of Marketing and Communications, Victory Gardens Theater

Building a new website is always a slow and challenging process. We truly appreciated the way Drew and his team broke the tasks down into small bits and pieces, making sure we were making continuous progress while keeping us from feeling overwhelmed. From start to finish Drew was readily available to answer our questions and make sure we were getting a site that would work for us and our company, not something that was cookie-cutter.

Also, one of the big reasons we decided to go with Venture Industries for our new website was the fact that for each site they develop they also offer continuous tech support for a reasonable annual fee. Our website is our biggest marketing tool and we rely on it to sell a large number of tickets throughout the season. I sleep so much better at night knowing the site is being properly maintained and updated, and if something odd comes up, Drew and his team are just a quick phone call away.

We can’t recommend Venture Industries Online enough!

Frank Almond

Frank Almond: Founder, Frankly Music; Concertmaster, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Venture Industries has handled all my sites for several years now, from the initial construction to basic updates and maintenance. These sites are drastically different from one another, yet integrated in a certain seamless way, thanks to the innovative and comprehensive approach that is a hallmark of Venture.

From basic aesthetic guidance to cutting-edge technical advice, the difference with Venture is obvious. I finally have a full-service web company that incorporates a vast knowledge of the arts world with high-tech mastery, all at a reasonable cost. In my experience, that’s a rare combination.

Melysa Rogen; Director of Marketing and Communications, Austin Opera

Venture Industries has worked with Austin Opera over several website iterations and has been a constant support through changing web personnel at our office.

They are knowledgeable, flexible and willing to listen to any crazy ideas to get to what the client wants.

We are grateful for their professionalism and are glad to continue the relationship!

Zac Eckstein

Zac Eckstein: Ticketing and Website Manager, Town Hall Seattle

Over the years, The Venture Platform has provided Town Hall the online stability and presence that non-profit orgs often struggle to maintain with limited budgets and staffing. As we’ve grown and transitioned, Drew has been right at our side guiding us and helping us to make decisions that directly affect our success as an organization. Plus, their customer service and support are unequivocally the best of any vendor we work with!

Russ Todd; Managing Partner, Akustiks

From day one working with Drew and Venture on our new website, I knew that it was going to turn out great! Drew and his team laid out a clear plan for the website development that allowed all members of our firm to contribute and participate in the process and at the same time provided a structure to keep the project on track and on budget. The result is a website that truly reflects our acoustical practice today with built in flexibility for growth and evolution as we gain international presence in the world of performing art acoustics.
Scott Coulter

Scott Coulter: singer and owner, Spot-On Entertainment

Drew McManus is a genius!
When I realized my rapidly expanding concert business needed an online presence fast I called Drew. I had no idea what I wanted or, more importantly, what I needed but I needn’t have worried. Drew asked the right questions, listened to my answers and created something beyond my expectations. And he was available every step of the way to answer my questions and help me think outside the box to present my company in the best possible way.

Clay Thornton: Marketing Manager, Southeastern Theatre Conference

Drew McManus and the team at Venture Industries have proved exceedingly helpful in every phase of our website hosting and web development with them.

They continue to be an exceptional resource for us on everything from website security to big improvements in our user interfaces for the variety of members and audiences we serve.

Christopher Dillon

Dr. Christopher Dillon: Proprietor, Bel Air Music Studios

We have received four trial lesson reservations (one by phone and one using the booking system) in 48 hours after our site went live. Needless to say, I’m delighted! The Venture Platform system is very easy to use. I have managed all of it, including locating details of the trial lesson bookings like phone numbers and email addresses, from my smartphone. I’m astounded at your ability to integrate all of its aspects at my end for maximum efficiency and intuitiveness, and at the user’s end for maximum beauty and elegance.

I’ve also already used the Freshbooks invoices to encourage parents to catch up on their September payments. Very effective, and very easy to adjust for credits, discounts, and transaction fees. It is simply magical the way new user’s registration goes directly to Freshbooks, and allows me to use it immediately without any data entry on my part. Your system does all of that!

Your support makes me confident that no matter how our music school grows, you’ll always be able to help me understand how to adjust our website and its integrated communications, registration, and billing solutions to maximize our potential to better serve our artistic community.

Jason Haaheim

Jason Haaheim: Principal Timpanist, MET Orchestra

After I won the MET job, it quickly became clear that a high-profile appointment like that needed a high-profile web presence…and my old homegrown cobbled-together personal site wasn’t going to cut it. Enter Venture: he understood my needs better than I did, crafting a site structure that would serve as a sharp and professional baseline, but with lots of room to grow and add content. Aesthetically, he quickly determined my style and preferences, and delivered a look and feel that matched superbly. Venture was quickly responsive to all calls and emails, and the consequent setup and launch cycle was remarkably brief. Moreover, Venture delivers one of the most powerful events manager engines around — it adeptly combines sophisticated capabilities with simple back-end control. All of this helps realize the final goal: far from being another “job” to manage, this site will now help me do mine better.
Michael Hardy

Michael C. Hardy: Director (Ret), The Institute of Outdoor Theatre

Drew has shepherded us through our new website’s development for several intensive months now and has never failed to come up with creative solutions or answer our most idiotic questions with good humour.

I don’t know how he’s gotten anything else done, but the results are fantastic and it’s already helping us to transform our organization.

Tim Judd

Timothy Judd: violinist and Author of The Listener's Club

I have two websites which have been developed by Venture Industries Online, one site for my Richmond, Virginia-based violin studio, and another for my music appreciation blog, The Listeners’ Club. Drew McManus and Venture Industries Online have played an enormous role in the growth and development of both my studio and blog. You can trust Drew to provide an attractive and highly functional website. Drew is passionate about serving his clients and providing them with a product which meets the highest professional standards.

Ashley Allison, Executive Assistant, Texas Cultural Trust

Our website is a true Cinderella story – and Drew McManus is our fairy godmother! With the help of Drew and his team at Venture Industries, our reach as a statewide arts advocacy organization has grown exponentially. Our website is colorful, interactive, and SO easy to manage! A year ago, our online presence was minimal; today, we have more online traffic than ever before. Thank you, Drew!
Arya Daire

Arya Daire: Singer/Actress

Venture Industries was nothing short of a lifesaver for me. I was coming up on an important deadline and only had a very messy Tumblr site up – I needed to get a professional, polished site up without having too much time to do it. Drew and his team made the process exactly as easy as I needed it to be, I was so relieved. Their Basecamp is self-explanatory and so easy to use, Drew explained everything to me in a way I could understand and work with, and they were very fast to respond to everything. The price was also surprisingly affordable and is worth every penny. Any artist that wants an online portfolio can trust them, and I personally think every artist should definitely have one. It’s very worth it.
David Murphy

David Murphy: Conductor

It has been an enormous pleasure to work with Drew and his team at Venture Industries on the design and delivery of my new website. They have created a site that looks great, and functions fantastically on all platforms. As a musician, I really appreciate Drew’s deep understanding of music, musicians and the wider musical world. It meant that we spoke the same language throughout. The whole process was fast, efficient and enjoyable and the responses to my questions to the point, lightning fast, and often peppered with Drew’s great sense of humour!
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