CRM Integration and Custom Programming

We create the code to make your website function seamlessly with a wide variety of CRMs, box office platforms, and other third party apps.

Direct Connection Via API

If it has an API, we can connect to it. We’ve coded solutions to connect our user’s Venture powered websites to a variety of popular CRMs such as Salesforce. That work doesn’t stop with CRMs, we’ve connected client sites to a wide variety of email marketing platforms, ticketing providers, accounting apps, custom databases, transactional email platforms, and payment gateways.

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One of the most popular options to custom programming is middleware, which is an existing connectivity solution that requires less work to customize compared to direct programming.

The most common solutions we find are available through Zapier, a service provider that does nothing but specialize in middleware apps that connect and automate events between two or more platforms (i.e. your website, eCommerce platform, and CRM).


Sometimes, direct connections aren’t an option. Some CRMs don’t provide API connectivity or the amount of work needed is a negative return on investment for your organization.

In those cases, we focus on delivering options that help you reduce the amount of manual data entry work hours through the use of csv export/import data transfer.

Turning Your Ideas Into Your Newest Revenue Stream

We’re always looking for ways to help users convert their custom programming dollars into a product that generates income for you via our revenue share programs.

Odds Are, Your Needs Are Not That Different From Other Users

It isn’t uncommon for us to discover that one user’s custom programming needs produce a result that other users are equally interested in using.

In those cases, the final product might generate a new Add-on we can sell to other users. Traditionally, old-school provider business models would simply charge the same price to each new user, hoping no one talks so they can pocket the cash. That’s not the way Venture does business.

Instead, we do everything we can to help users turn an expense into a new revenue stream through our revenue share programs.

In some cases, the end result is a standalone platform or app. In those instances, we are more than happy to work out an even better arrangement that produces an even greater revenue stream.

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