Consider A Project Evaluation

...instead of a traditional RFP.

What Is A Project Evaluation And Why Is It Valuable?

A Project Evaluation begins with us combing through your current website and email marketing solution (under terms of a non-disclosure agreement, naturally), having a number of conversations with you about what you would like to change about your current structure and what you like, then putting together detailed recommendations for proposed work along with providing options and costs for reaching those goals.

An evaluation eliminates conjecture and details the project to such a level that there are no pricing surprises, no push back against cost overruns via project creep (your desire for improved functionality based on an improved understanding through the development process learning curve) and the document serves as a benchmark towards the project’s successful completion.

It isn’t unusual for a process like this to occur after you select a provider but frankly, that’s not really in your best interest because you’re locked into project terms and costs once you sign the agreement. It’s like a Vegas marriage sans the whimsy of an Elvis impersonator performing the ceremony.

Which Is Better, an RFP or project evaluation?

Although we love putting together proposals, they do have limitations. They tend to lack crucial details and there’s typically a lack of meaningful “getting to know you” stage where you can learn about options that may have been previously unknown when putting together your RFP scope.

In short, proposals have a higher degree of creating an environment of missed opportunity. Sure, the provider gets paid and delivers a “good enough” product that is a step up from what you had in place, but it likely falls short of what you need and will only put you in a position where you have to repeat the process all over again in a few years. As an option, we encourage potential clients to consider a Project Evaluation in lieu of a proposal.

How Much Does A Project Evaluation Cost?

We charge a flat fee for any evaluation; following the evaluation report and recommendations, if you decide to move forward and become a Venture user, we will apply 100 percent of the cost toward your first year’s annual fee. Think of your evaluation as non-refundable deposit that provides better understanding and cost control measures.

Prices begin at $1,000 and are based on the scope of the evaluation material.

Is A Project Evaluation Right For You?

There’s only one way to find you: get in touch and let’s chat about it. Feel free to give our Chicago office a call at 312-465-2895, or simply fill out the following form.

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