Metrics And Email Marketing

Build stronger relationships with email marketing integration with MailChimp and drive data driven decision making with the integrated range of tracking and analytics tools from the most powerful providers available: Google.

Integrated Enterprise-Class Web Analytics

Most providers simply connect your site to an existing Google Analytics account then call it a day. We think connections are only the beginning. Here’s an overview of the support you can count on from Venture to make sure your data driven decision making has all of the information you’ll need.

Connect Google Analytics Or Google Tag Manager

Connection includes verifying data moves from your website to your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager account along with activating all desired event tracking, custom definitions, and tracking exclusions. If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, no worries, we’ll create one for you!

We Make sure your GA account is running must-have configurations and settings

When it comes to helping arts organizations maximize their data gathering, we’re experts. Did you know demographics tracking isn’t enabled by default inside Google Analytics? We do, and we’ll make sure it’s activated. We’ll also make sure you’re filtering out your own office visit, activate search tracking, download tracking, page scroll depth tracking, and a host of other settings that make the difference between having a bunch of data and the data you need.

Setup and connect a Google Search Console account

Google Analytics is only half of the equation when it comes to creating an effective data driven decision environment. The other half is creating and connecting a Google Search Console account. Venture not only handles everything related to creating the account but we’ll show you how to use its key features, like temporarily blocking a page from Google search results.

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