Our Difference

Our users need the best tools and a provider that will have their backs.

That’s why they choose us.

A Responsible Business Model

Sensitive to the needs of nonprofits and artists., Venture is designed as an uncompromising solution to promote everything an arts organization needs to design, launch, and manage their website, events management, email marketing, and metrics at a level exceeding results from traditional bespoke solutions that cost tens of thousands of dollars on up.

We reject predatory practices that gouge users in favor of a business model that embraces sustainability over blind profit margins.

A responsible, sustainable business model is at the heart of our organization. Venture combines the best features of open source content management platforms and purpose built applications to deliver a sophisticated next generation technology. All of this conspires to give Venture the capacity to have the same impact on arts organizations that Henry Ford’s Model T had on the auto industry.

To that end, Venture’s sustainability only improves as additional users are added. Our business plan is designed around an economy of scale model that rejects the old out of sight, out of mind working relationship approach between developers and clients. Since Venture functions as a cloud based platform, it doesn’t matter if we have 1 or 100 users, ongoing maintenance and support demands increase at a fraction of the rate as capacity. And since the profit margins remain consistent, that means we’re able to redirect additional profit into keeping costs as null as possible while continuously improving and upgrading features and functionality.

All of this means that Venture users get to have their cake and eat it too (without paying an arm and leg for it). And that’s the way it should be; there’s no reason you should accept anything less.

Advocacy & Altruism

doing our part to make the field a better place

Pro Bono

Each fiscal year, Venture contributes no less than 40 hours of pro bono work to users, additional arts orgs, and service organizations. It’s our responsibility to give back to the local community and the national arts field and we’re proud to accommodate more and more requests each year.


Dedicated to providing practical tips, tricks, and pointers for getting things done as an arts manager, ArtsHacker is the result of good old fashioned necessity by providing high quality nuts-and-bolts oriented content from a broad cross section of volunteer contributors; each with unique skills, experience, and areas of expertise. Venture’s founder serves as volunteer editor-in-chief alongside the expert contributors.

Arts Admin Jobs

Developed by Venture’s founder and managed by Venture resources, it is the most popular arts admin jobs listing service available; but unlike competitors, it is completely free for employers and candidates. Its motto is “Unlimited access and free to post, free to browse, and free to apply. No tricks, no fine print, no nonsense.” – ArtsAdminJobs.com

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