Professional infrastructure with zero maintenance

Our Hosted and Managed platform is the perfect canvas for your creative ideas.

Designed especially for arts organizations, no other system gives you so much while keeping things so simple.

Venture takes care of all this…

Hosting and Database management
hosting and database management
page speed optimization
page speed optimization
threat detection
daily and manual backups
theme, plugin, and php updates
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
DDoS protection
enterprise grade firewall security
enterprise grade firewall security
content delivery network (CDN)
content delivery network (CDN)
social network sharing validation
social network sharing validation
script minification
script minification
integrated structured data markup to maximize SEO ranking
structured data markup to maximize SEO ranking

…along with all of the other pain-in-the-neck stuff that makes you less productive.

All you need is…

an internet connection and a browser
an internet connection and a browser

That's it.

This is what we mean when we say Venture is a completely managed and hosted solution; you can access your admin panels to create, edit, or delete content from any browser in the world which means there’s no hosting hassles or software installation nightmares. Instead, you get to focus more of your time on refining your brand and less on tech oriented geek work.

Need Domain Name Registration and DNS Management?

domain registration and DNS

No need to be confused, we've got you covered.

Domain name registration, verifying accounts, domain mapping, and correctly setting up and updating the full array of DNS settings are all critical elements for connecting your organization’s URL to the server where your website lives.

If you have an internal IT team member to handle all of that for you, great. If not, let Venture take care of it for you. We offer each element as a mutually exclusive Add-on so you only need to pay for the help you need.

Domain Registration
Domain Mapping
Multisite Network Upgrade
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