Jana Liles: Director of Marketing and Communications, Victory Gardens Theater

Building a new website is always a slow and challenging process. We truly appreciated the way Drew and his team broke the tasks down into small bits and pieces, making sure we were making continuous progress while keeping us from feeling overwhelmed. From start to finish Drew was readily available to answer our questions and make sure we were getting a site that would work for us and our company, not something that was cookie-cutter.

Also, one of the big reasons we decided to go with Venture Industries for our new website was the fact that for each site they develop they also offer continuous tech support for a reasonable annual fee. Our website is our biggest marketing tool and we rely on it to sell a large number of tickets throughout the season. I sleep so much better at night knowing the site is being properly maintained and updated, and if something odd comes up, Drew and his team are just a quick phone call away.

We can’t recommend Venture Industries Online enough!

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