We’re always loing for ways to help users manage costs, reduce expenses, stay on budget, and SAVE MONEY. To that end, we’re pleased to offer the following discounts.

Email Marketing opt-out

No need for Venture’s included email marketing account feature? No problem, you can opt-out for a five percent savings on any Venture plan’s  annual subscription fee while remaining safe in the knowledge that you can opt-in at any point thereafter.

Referral Reward Program

Nothing speaks as highly as a word of mouth referral. To that end, we’re happy to offer referral credits to any subscriber that recommends Venture to one of their peers.

  • For Artist Subscribers: one month credit for any new Artist plan subscriber, two months credit for any standard Venture Platform subscriber, and three months credit for any Venture Pro subscriber.
  • For Standard Venture Platform Subscribers: one month credit for any new Artist or Standard Venture Platform subscriber and two months credit for any Venture Pro subscriber.
  • For Venture Pro Subscribers: one month credit for any Venture Pro subscriber and /12 month credit for any Artist or Standard subscriber.

There is no limit to how much referral credit any subscriber can earn!

To date, Venture has given out more than $10,000 in referral reward credit!

Add-on Revenue Share

Quite often, our users engage Venture for some custom programming to develop a specific function or feature. Whenever possible, we try to complete this work so that the final product can be packaged as a stand alone plugin and sold to all Venture users as an Add-on. Whenever this happens, we revenue share with the original user in the amount of 20 percent for each sale with a cap at 100 percent of the original development costs.

This means users can potentially earn back all of the development costs for the custom feature/function.

Example: a user spends $500 on developing a custom feature that Venture can turn into a fee based Add-on that sells for $100. Each sale would provide the user with $20 credit that can be applied toward their annual fee, monthly payments, custom programming, or design and development work.

We can’t promise that all custom programming will work this way but we let users know whenever the opportunity exists.

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