Code Is Only The Beginning

Shrinking budgets and cutbacks in staff don’t make the job any easier but the demands have never been higher. But there’s good news; the Venture Platform provides everything you need to creatively build and manage your organization’s online elements all wrapped up in a single, easy-to-use hosted solution. Welcome to a wide open world where you get all of the design, development, and content management tools you deserve.

Design & Development

We’re all about functional minimalism.

At Venture, we embrace a functional minimalist design approach that prioritizes content and user experience (UX) over visual bells and whistles. One of our primary goals is to enhance UX by providing intuitive content and navigation architecture supported by code that renders content fast across all device types.

Design should never distract users from your content nor your conversion goals and helping users find the balance between filtering out design distractions in a way that enhances the content without hiding what your users need. This means creating a design construct that accommodates as little or as much content your users will need.

Flat/material design textures, vivid photography, dramatic typography, and smart color contrast are cornerstones of our designs.

Russ Todd; Managing Partner, Akustiks

From day one working with Drew and Venture on our new website, I knew that it was going to turn out great! Drew and his team laid out a clear plan for the website development that allowed all members of our firm to contribute and participate in the process and at the same time provided a structure to keep the project on track and on budget. The result is a website that truly reflects our acoustical practice today with built in flexibility for growth and evolution as we gain international presence in the world of performing art acoustics.

Transfer First, Design Second

Sometimes, you need to move your site but you don’t have the time or resources to implement a full scale redesign.
Transfer Then Design

It isn’t unusual for new users not to know exactly what they want and if their existing design is acceptable for the time being, we can often reproduce it then implement a formal redesign at a time that works best for the client.

This option allows users to become more familiar with all the new features Venture provides and become accustomed to the content management system. Often, this approach allows users to have a much clearer idea for how they want the redesign to unfold.

Scott Coulter

Scott Coulter: singer and owner, Spot-On Entertainment

Drew McManus is a genius!
When I realized my rapidly expanding concert business needed an online presence fast I called Drew. I had no idea what I wanted or, more importantly, what I needed but I needn’t have worried. Drew asked the right questions, listened to my answers and created something beyond my expectations. And he was available every step of the way to answer my questions and help me think outside the box to present my company in the best possible way.

Content Management System

Have full control over all site content at your fingertips.
Content Management System

Creating and editing content is at the heart of our system and you can’t ask for a more elegant solution to composing your copy.

But there’s much more to content than copy and our CMS allows you to insert images, image galleries, documents, audio clips, videos, forms, polls, and a host of other media as needed.  Better yet, you’ll be able to access and edit your content on everything from desktops through Smartphones!

Frank Almond

Frank Almond: Founder, Frankly Music; Concertmaster, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Venture Industries has handled all my sites for several years now, from the initial construction to basic updates and maintenance. These sites are drastically different from one another, yet integrated in a certain seamless way, thanks to the innovative and comprehensive approach that is a hallmark of Venture.

From basic aesthetic guidance to cutting-edge technical advice, the difference with Venture is obvious. I finally have a full-service web company that incorporates a vast knowledge of the arts world with high-tech mastery, all at a reasonable cost. In my experience, that’s a rare combination.

Custom Programming

Led by our Lead Technical Developer, we’ve developed hundreds of creative solutions for our users over the years.

No matter how simple or complex your requirements, we have vast experience building custom solutions. Whether it’s enhancing existing Venture functionality, connecting to Customer Relationship Management provider, integrating a box office solution, or building a brand new web app from scratch, more than 20 years of expertise allow us to engineer solutions that last.

Better yet, we always look for ways to convert your custom programming needs into something capable of benefiting other users while generating credits for you through our Add-on revenue share program. #Win-Win

Pssst, check out some of the really cool CRM integration work we've done.
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