Event Management

Your website’s primary function is to sell tickets and distribute event information. Designed by an industry expert, Venture’s Event Manager is unlike anything else in the field.

Visitors Experience A Beautiful User Interface

Nothing else available looks better or provides such an intuitive user experience. It allows you to rapidly create and edit events with variable occurrences while freeing you from the hassle of having to replicate event data elsewhere throughout the site. Event details are automatically pulled into everything from individual event pages to index and subscription pages not to mention full page calendars and remarkably interactive event widgets.

Robust & User Friendly Admin Panels

We’re all about making your life easier and a big part of that is making sure you don’t have to repeat yourself. Here are some examples of our event management admin panels to illustrate just how straightforward everything is.

Venture handles recurring events better than any other solution on the market. Everything is controlled inside a single event admin panel where the existing occurrence data can be duplicated with a single click. Any date, any frequency. You’ll be amazed at how easy everything is.
Create an array of specialized event lists, all with dozens of configurable options so you only show the events you want using the display style you want. All you have to do is copy and paste the shortcode into any page or post and Venture does the heavy lifting by displaying all the relevant events.

Even More Big Features

Works With Any Ticketing Platform

We’re all about playing nice with other providers and we’re 100% compatible with all self-hosted and off site ticketing providers, but we recommend using UpStage CRM. All you need is a URL to use for each event occurrence and VEM pushes that out to all ticket purchase links and buttons.

Color Coded Event Categories.

You can assign colors to each event category and the system uses those colors to create a remarkably user friendly interface in the calendars and event details popups.

100% Responsive Calendar.

As smart as it is beautiful and user friendly, the calendar automatically condenses into a stacked view which only includes days where events are scheduled. Forget having users flip and flop from one view to another and simply give them one solution that works across all devices.

Once And Done Simplicity.

You only need enter event information in once and will automatically populate to all of your calendars, lists, and event widgets.

Simple Event Duplication.

Create a clone of any event with once click simplicity; a great tool for replicating layout templates.

Multiple ticket price options on event pages.

Set ticket ranges, single ticket prices, starting at, free, or free with registration options per event occurrence.

Automatic Google Map Directions Integration.

Whenever you enter in venue details, the system will automatically find and pull the related Google map.

Upcoming & Recently Added Event Widget.

Display different widgets on different pages and filter each to display only the event categories you want and the number of upcoming events to display. the system is so smart it can detect the event category on the page it lives and be set to only show upcoming events from the same or user defined event categories.

Dedicated venue management.

Say goodbye to entering in the same venue information over and over, all you have to do is enter the info once and then select from a venue pull down menu on event management pages.

Event Lists.

The go-to event display, lists display events and occurrences in chronological order allowing users to quickly see upcoming events. Placed throughout the site via shortcode (including widgets!), lists have dozens of display options based on filterable categories you create. Insert multiple lists into a single page and set them to display all or future events only.

Automatic Season Archiving.

A dedicated add-on you can use to create full season archives or member-only archived event content.
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