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Olivia Boen

As an emerging opera singer, Soprano Olivia Boen is currently in the tutelage of Daune Mahy at Oberlin Conservatory of Music. She has performed such roles as Norina in Oberlin-In-Italy’s production of Donizetti’s Don Pasquale and Lauretta in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi. Equally at home performing contemporary music, Olivia has collaborated with composers Peter Kramer, Shihui Yin, and Pok Yee Ng. Recent performance highlights include concerts in Siena, Cortona, and Arezzo in Tuscany through the Oberlin-In-Italy program.

Ms. Boen needed a site that projected her desired image that also maximizes available content and media without falling victim to the emerging artist bear trap of “several sparsely populated pages.” The result was a wonderfully user friendly one-page design with an embedded fly-out navigation that includes links to each module of content on the page. This not only makes the page lightening fast to navigate thanks to never needing to wait for page refresh, but it works equally well across all mobile and desktop devices.

The end result produced an exemplary example of a highly polished, professional image that can be achieved with high quality resource content (professional photography, quality media, and personalized copy writing).

Website Highlights

  • A remarkably user friendly one-page design that not only provides all necessary info but downloadable copies of bio, promotional photos, and C/V.
  • Two custom logos: a smaller version made especially for the navigation bar and a larger version that resides inside the fly-out navigation and as a header element.
  • A custom FavIcon and Apple Touch Icon that incorporates logo design elements.
  • A sticky nav menu remains on screen at all time, making it even easier for site visitors to move between each content area.
  • Extra Smartphone savvy by using large, finger friendly contact points throughout the entire design.
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