Olivia Boen, Soprano


Working with Drew is a guaranteed way to elevate one’s branding without compromising the complexity of what it means to be a musician in the modern day. His ability to see artists and institutions from a birds-eye view allows him to create seamless online experiences fueled by his incredible attention to detail. He takes a tremendous amount of care to ensure that the complete story of an artist is told in an intuitive way throughout the website; I really feel that Drew takes inspiration first and foremost from who the client is, allowing the flow of site, the logos, and all of the tiny details to be born from his astute observations. On top of this creative vision, he has a comprehensive and chronically up-to-date understanding of web design, analytics, accessibility, and trends within the fine arts sphere, so one can rest assured that the structure of his architecture is as pristinely and soundly formed as his aesthetics.

Furthermore, working with Drew not only has given me an adaptable, intuitive, and beautiful website, but has helped me to grow as a businesswoman. In the process of building my online portal, Drew asked all the right questions and challenged me in the best way possible. Figuring out exactly how I wanted to interact with audiences and promoters, what I want to be known for, and finding the balance between illuminating who I am but not giving too much away was really difficult for me on my own. With his guidance, I now feel more confident in sharing more about my work because I have a structure for it. I cannot recommend him enough!

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