Frankly Music

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More than ten years ago, Frankly Music set out to change the way audiences experienced a chamber music concert, embracing a format that combined superb musical performances with social and educational elements. It was a huge success from the very beginning with audiences and musicians alike and they decided to do something special for their 10th anniversary season by giving the website a complete redesign to match the quality of blockbuster programming. is part of a network of sites under which also includes AViolin’ Taking advance of the affordable Multisite Network Upgrade and Domain Mapping add-ons that allow all three sites to share database resources and to be managed by a single admin account.

Website Highlights

  • The entire graphic design was derived entirely from the organization’s existing print brochure, keeping graphic design fees to a bare minimum.
  • Targeted use of CSS provided a centered logo and main navigation format.
  • Innovative use of the portfolio post types allows a group with a smaller number of annual performances, such as Frankly Music, makes use of per concert categorization. In this case, site visitors can filter the musicians based on which concert(s) s/he performs.
  • Big, bold, and beautiful artist photography is a hallmark of the artist profile pages.
  • Custom background image incorporates the organization’s traditional logo so-as to help build a bridge of familiarity between old and new branding design.
  • Discography uses an innovative solution of entering in each recording as a product that links out to a third party provider (iTunes or The integrated e-commerce indexing creates a wonderfully interactive user experience that is simple to navigate.

Frank Almond: Founder, Frankly Music; Concertmaster, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Venture Industries has handled all my sites for several years now, from the initial construction to basic updates and maintenance. These sites are drastically different from one another, yet integrated in a certain seamless way, thanks to the innovative and comprehensive approach that is a hallmark of Venture.

From basic aesthetic guidance to cutting-edge technical advice, the difference with Venture is obvious. I finally have a full-service web company that incorporates a vast knowledge of the arts world with high-tech mastery, all at a reasonable cost. In my experience, that’s a rare combination.


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