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Violinist Frank Almond is a busy guy, he holds the Charles and Marie Caestecker Concertmaster Chair at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, runs the successful Frankly Music chamber music series, teaches at Roosevelt University, and has an active solo and recording schedule.

In order to begin bringing all of this work together in one place, Frank decided to move all of his online outlets to Venture. The result is a trio of networked sites that he can manage from a single installation and admin login. is the parent site in the a network of sites that include and AViolin’ Taking advance of the affordable Multisite Network Upgrade and Domain Mapping add-ons that allow all three sites to share database resources and to be managed by a single admin account.

Website Highlights

  • The crisp graphic design uses minimal visual distraction and a transparent background over a solid white base with a pencil sketch rendering of his “Lipiński” Strad.
  • Less is more style of page layout and content architecture provides fast and easy navigation.
  • Innovative use of the Features post types allows Frank to highlight his separate artistic activity and provide personal insight through a statement of purpose.
  • Discography uses an innovative solution of entering in each recording as a product that links out to a third party provider (iTunes or The integrated e-commerce indexing creates a wonderfully interactive user experience that is simple to navigate.

Frank Almond: Founder, Frankly Music; Concertmaster, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Venture Industries has handled all my sites for several years now, from the initial construction to basic updates and maintenance. These sites are drastically different from one another, yet integrated in a certain seamless way, thanks to the innovative and comprehensive approach that is a hallmark of Venture.

From basic aesthetic guidance to cutting-edge technical advice, the difference with Venture is obvious. I finally have a full-service web company that incorporates a vast knowledge of the arts world with high-tech mastery, all at a reasonable cost. In my experience, that’s a rare combination.


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