A Violin’s Life

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Designed as a micro site within the networked sites at FrankAlmond.com, A Violin’s Life serves as an authoritative online resource for the “Lipiński” Strad. The site needed to be able to present typographic-dominant content in a way that was both educational and aesthetically pleasing; as a result, the site relies on typography that is extraordinarily readable in both desktop and mobile device formats. In addition to the exhaustive essay content, the site also features a number image galleries dedicated to each of the instrument’s major periods along with a stunning gallery of contemporary photographs.

2016 Updates

  • In order to incorporate and promote the second installment in the recording series, the site was updated to include dedicated pages for each album that include traditional details along with all of their respective original Kickstarter content, media, and complete backer list.
  • A brand new Mega Menu provides an enhanced navigation experience and projects a stunning visual representation of the instrument’s historical timeline. The mobile menu was also updated to incorporate corresponding branding updates.
  • An updated homepage promotes a Vanity Fair article about the instrument and a section featuring on both albums.
  • Brand new image gallery layouts now offer unique user interfaces based on the type and amount of image content per galley.
  • The addition of Venture’s Multiple External Fulfillment Add-on provides the ability to link to several online retailers for both albums.

Website Highlights

  • Domain Mapping and Multisite add-ons allows the site to be installed within an easily managed network but retain a unique URL.
  • Custom designed how-to forms for members to get the most out of online offerings.
  • Targeted use of vertical tab structure helps group similar content while simultaneously maintaining necessary separation.
  • Graphic design work includes a custom logo, color palette, and heavy integration of elements into custom stylesheets.
  • Shared navigation structure between primary and microsites makes it easier for users to seamlessly move from one site to another.


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