Click. Click. Done. Must-Have Google Analytics Settings FREE Webinar Registration

Originally scheduled as a sprint session for the 2020 NTEN conference in Baltimore, MD this material is ideally suited for a webinar platform.

  • Date: Tuesday, March 24
  • Starting Time: 1:00PM ET
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Host: Drew McManus

Description: without a doubt, Google Analytics does all sorts of great things, but that doesn’t mean you are getting a complete picture. To get every benefit of the data, you’ll need to activate and/or setup several key features. Attendees will get step by step instructions on how to implement the following must-have GA settings in real-time:

  • Set Your Primary URL
  • Activate Demographics
  • Activate Google Signals
  • Bot Filtering
  • Filter Your Visits
  • Referral Exclusions
  • Activate Search Tracking
  • Adjust Session Settings & Campaign Lengths

This webinar date has passed. Thanks to everyone who attended and you can stream a copy of the session below.

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