Voce Inc. is New England’s Chamber Choir, Mark Singleton, Artistic Director. In a record-breaking timeframe, we collaborated with Voce to create a streamlined website with core features.

This streamlined system gets patrons closer to the music they love, while giving Voce the tools they need to provide improved patron experience all while gathering key metrics to make better business decisions!

This project is a testament to the power of focused collaboration. Voce gets a launchpad to showcase their talent, and patrons get a vastly improved, user-friendly way to experience Voce’s magic!


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Eye-catching design that reflects Voce’s unique sound and style.

Seamless user experience to connect with fans and share their upcoming events.

Integrated ticketing system from UpStagecrm.io.

WCAG Compliant Accessibility: We believe music should be accessible to everyone. The website adheres to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.

Speed Sells

Don’t Sacrifice Speed for Beauty

Great design is crucial, but it’s not the whole story. Many arts organizations choose agencies solely on design strength, neglecting the critical role of development. This often results in stunning websites that crawl on mobile or load painfully slow.

At Venture, we understand the unique needs of arts & culture clients. We deliver award-winning design coupled with lightning-fast performance.


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