The Rose of Sonora

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The Rose of Sonora is violin concerto in five scenes written by renowned film composer George S. Clinton for violinist Holly Mulcahy. In George’s own words:

“The Rose of Sonora is first and foremost a violin concerto. One of the most significant aspects of it to both Holly and me is that it be accessible to and engaging for today’s audience. It is composed in five scenes (movements) for solo violin, symphony orchestra, and male chorus, but in the style of an epic Western film score. One of the features of the solo violin part is the merging of traditional fiddle technique with classic violin technique, giving the main character, Rose, her voice. As a film composer I am used to composing to a story. After researching the lives of outlaw women of the old west, I decided to create my own story and heroine, The Rose of Sonora. Each of the five scenes tells part of her story.

From start to finish, the project was wall to wall fun. It isn’t often that we get the opportunity to create a visual brand for a traditional classical music work steeped in contemporary film design. The end product needed to feel like an intuitive combination of those two environments.

Venture was responsible for the entire site design and development. We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. In addition to a large amount of graphic design, Venture was responsible for creating user personas and crafting intuitive user paths for each.

It won’t matter if your a programming decider at a professional orchestra or an enthusiastic fan of the composer, soloist, or genre, the navigation architecture provides a user friendly user experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

The site is lightning fast, cutting edge mobile-first, and highlights the dynamic sound clips and teaser.

Website Highlights

  • Custom graphics illustrate each of the concerto’s five scenes: Escape, Love and Freedom, Ambush, Death and Healing, and Vengeance.
  • A custom logo with full and reduced alt version.
  • Gorgeous landing page designs for the concept and genesis pages highlight photography of the composer and soloist.
  • A dynamic image gallery highlights the demo recording at Capitol Records studios.
  • WCAG compliant color contrast.
  • Liberal use of embedded Soundcloud clips.
  • A unique booking form with fee schedule and critical performance info.


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