The Listeners’ Club

After launching The Listeners’ Club as part of his Artist level Venture account, violinist Timothy Judd discovered he had a hit on his hands and after two years, the blog needed its own branded website. The result was a large scale blog migration project!

In order to support the new branded image, the blog author opted for a custom logo; the end result is one of Venture’s most creative designs that melds the classical music theme of the blog topic (the violin profile in the headphone cord) alongside the recorded music focus (the headphones).

The site design focuses on the most important element of a traditional blog outlet: content, content, content.


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An extensive online listening library featuring custom curated clips from live performances.

Dedicated archive and timeline pages make it easy for visitors to browse content.

A gorgeous custom logo, touch icon, and color palette. Notice how the cord of the headphones forms a subtle violin profile!

A single page “read more” function adds additional blog posts on the same page in full length format to improve visitor binge reading.



violinist and Author

The Listener’s Club
I have two websites which have been developed by Venture Industries Online, one site for my Richmond, Virginia-based violin studio, and another for my music appreciation blog, The Listeners’ Club. Drew McManus and Venture Industries Online have played an enormous role in the growth and development of both my studio and blog. You can trust Drew to provide an attractive and highly functional website. Drew is passionate about serving his clients and providing them with a product which meets the highest professional standards.
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