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The Scioto Society, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation formed to advance, encourage and promote the recreational, industrial, economic, commercial and civic development of Ross County and the territory surrounding Chillicothe, so that the area could assume its’ rightful place in the early history of the United States. The Northwest Territory was in the particular thought of this process.

The first stage of that goal was realized when the premiere performance of the outdoor drama Tecumseh! was held in the summer of 1973, at the newly constructed Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre. Its 206-acre location was purchased by the Society and its 1800 seats continue to fill to capacity each summer.  The drama has grown in popularity worldwide over the years. It has been selected, as one of the top 100 attractions in North America by the American Bus Association, and it has received local, state, regional, and even national acclaim. It has drawn well over 2.5 million visitors to Chillicothe during the past 42 years. Along with serving economically, and culturally to the area, Tecumseh! serves as a tradition to many families and is the first live arts experience for many children in Ohio.

Tecumseh! launched a design update in early 2019 and since we we started tracking their metrics four years prior, we had a terrific amount of data at our disposal to help shape design and content decisions that maximize conversion and UX. that data driven decision making helped shape the novel homepage hero design that puts two weeks of direct ticket purchase links in the first space a site visitor sees.

In addition to their primary site, The Scioto Society also maintains a one-page micro site for their live fall attraction, HauntedMountaion.org.

Website Highlights

  • SVG background images reinforce print design branding.
  • A bold homepage design that places direct ticket purchase links for the subsequent two weeks of shows.
  • Full summer show schedule and ticket purchase links integrated into a dynamic mini calendar on the primary show event page.
  • Photo driven landing pages organize the most common content visitors look for.
  • Dedicated musician portfolio pages.
  • Note the use of custom page header images throughout the site!
  • WCAG compliant color contrast.
  • Sticky navigation makes it easy for patrons to navigate and purchase tickets across all device types.


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