Palm Beach Opera

web design | custom programming | multisite network

Palm Beach Opera (PBO) is dedicated to producing live opera at an international standard of excellence and to enriching the life of the communities it serves with a diverse offering of educational programs. The PBO is a superb example of what a user can accomplish when they have one or more staff members with experience working in WordPress based content management systems and the sort of advanced design and layout controls Venture provides. The organization was able to accomplish their entire migration and design update process in a mere two weeks!

Subsequent updates ushered in full width page page elements with robust hero images.

Website Highlights

  • Liberal use of the organization’s stunning photography; especially a big, splashy homepage hero image.
  • All design and layout modifications accomplished with simple changes to CSS.
  • Internal pages feature full width layouts with liberal use of vertical tabs.
  • Extra Smartphone savvy by using large, finger friendly contact points throughout the entire design.
  • pbThe Multisite Network Upgrade add-on accommodates an additional half dozen sites; everything from a dedicated Chorus micro-site to multiple in-house sites designed to manage production details.


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