New Albany Symphony Orchestra

The New Albany Symphony Orchestra (NASO) project demonstrates just how much a group with a firm budget can accomplish. In addition to their primary site, we created a separate musician site and a dedicated fundraiser site for their annual 5k run.

The project provided an opportunity for the group to reflect on recent growth and establish the prominent role they serve within their cultural landscape. It also provided the ability to create dedicated single vent pages for each of their programs.

They can now accurately track their marketing efforts across digital social, and print campaigns and spend less of their precious staff time managing content.


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A strong material design approach makes it easy for site visitors to visually distinguish the large number of events on listings and searches.

Animated title styles on interior pages project a personal touch.

Dedicated artist pages allow the organization to highlight soloists and key artistic personnel.

WCAG Compliant Accessibility: We believe music should be accessible to everyone. The website adheres to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.

Dedicated child sites for musician-only content and an annual fundraising event.

Speed Sells

Don’t Sacrifice Speed for Beauty

Great design is crucial, but it’s not the whole story. Many arts organizations choose agencies solely on design strength, neglecting the critical role of development. This often results in stunning websites that crawl on mobile or load painfully slow.

At Venture, we understand the unique needs of arts & culture clients. We deliver award-winning design coupled with lightning-fast performance.

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