National Music Festival

A dynamic new website for the National Music Festival! This user-centric redesign prioritizes ease of navigation and discovery. Patrons can now effortlessly explore upcoming concerts, educational programs, and the festival’s rich history through a clean and modern design. The intuitive ticketing system ensures a seamless experience from browsing events to purchasing tickets. This comprehensive resource empowers festival enthusiasts to fully engage with the National Music Festival’s artistic excellence.


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Effortless Event Discovery & Ticketing: A streamlined search function and intuitive navigation allow patrons to quickly find upcoming concerts and educational programs. The user-friendly ticketing process through UpStage CRM ensures a smooth experience from browsing to purchasing tickets.

Responsive Design for All Devices: The website delivers a flawless user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring easy access to information from any device.

Comprehensive Event Exploration: Immerse yourself in the National Music Festival’s vibrant offerings. A user-friendly calendar, presented in both grid and list formats, provides a clear and comprehensive view of all upcoming concerts and educational programs. Explore events by date or browse captivating visuals and informative content to discover the Festival’s rich history, talented musicians, and esteemed mentors.

WCAG Compliant Accessibility: We believe music should be accessible to everyone. The website adheres to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.

In-Depth Artist Profiles: Delve deeper into the artistry! The website features dedicated artist profiles, showcasing the biographies and accomplishments of both the talented musicians and esteemed mentors who contribute to the National Music Festival’s magic. Explore their backgrounds and artistic journeys to gain a richer understanding of the festival’s caliber.

Speed Sells

Don’t Sacrifice Speed for Beauty

Great design is crucial, but it’s not the whole story. Many arts organizations choose agencies solely on design strength, neglecting the critical role of development. This often results in stunning websites that crawl on mobile or load painfully slow.

At Venture, we understand the unique needs of arts & culture clients. We deliver award-winning design coupled with lightning-fast performance.


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