Jeannette Sorrell

web design | media management

Jeannette Sorrell is recognized internationally as one of today’s most creative early-music conductors. She has been credited by the U.K.’s BBC Music Magazine for forging “a vibrant, life-affirming approach to the re-making of early music… a seductive vision of musical authenticity.”

Ms. Sorrell’s career has seen a steady increase and she knew it was time to develop a dedicated artist website. It needed to serve as a resource for her artist representation along with showcasing a large library of videos and critical acclaim.

Venture designed a site that leverages her existing striking photography to project her desired image. On top of everything else, the site runs blazingly fast across all device types and network connections.

Website Highlights

  • Beautiful full width photos highlight each page and project a unique personality.
  • Custom color palette derived from principal photography.
  • Extra Smartphone savvy by using large, finger friendly contact points throughout the entire design.
  • A tight, clean homepage layout that uses a full width hero image and critical acclaim highlights.
  • A dedicated discography showcases Ms. Sorrell’s extensive recordings.
  • The entire project took less than 14 days to complete!
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