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Inside The Arts serves as a gateway to a behind-the-scenes look into the world of performing arts. It serves as a clearinghouse of the latest articles from some of the most insightful and diverse group of professionals who make their living immersed in the world of performing arts.

One of Venture’s more unique projects, the site features a multisite network that functions like the website equivalent of Matryoshka dolls with the primary site serving as the portal to the respective mutually exclusive blogs. But from a management perspective, each individual site stacks into the primary install by way of a sub directory structure.

The site’s most impressive feature is its simplicity in that it automates a seemingly overwhelming amount of content management tasks to a point where a single site admin can manage a dozen blogging outlets generating tens of thousands of hits per month with no more than 15 minutes per week on maintenance tasks.

Even though each blog is a unique outlet, admin access is granted to their respective author along with providing single account access for the webmaster. This makes maintenance an incredibly efficient process thanks to each individual blog shares resources, theme templates, and plugins with the primary installation. Updating one, pushes those updates through to the ancillary sites automatically.

In addition to designing the hosting architecture, Venture provided graphic content management design services for each blog hosted at the network installation. The goals was to maintain a familiar navigation and page layout between each outlet but give each one a unique visual identity. Simply put, each blog feels familiar but special to readers.

Project Highlights

  • RSS feeds automatically import the most recent blog post content to the main Inside The Arts portal page.
  • Shared resources reduce maintenance time but each site runs as fast and reliably as if it were a single install.
  • Each blog maintains a unique RSS feed and email subscription service.Shared navigation architecture.
  • Each blog author maintains control over importing and editing content.
  • The primary site features a custom logo while each individual blog maintains a unique icon based logo.
  • As authors retire, individual blogs can be archived. This allows the content to remain publicly accessible without changes to permalinks but with reduced system resources.

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