Inside The Arts

Inside The Arts offers a behind-the-scenes look at the performing arts world through a diverse group of experts’ blogs. Venture designed a unique multi-site network, like a digital Matryoshka doll.
Each blog has its own identity but shares resources with the main site, allowing a single admin to manage a dozen sites generating tens of thousands of hits with minimal effort. Venture also provided graphic design to ensure each blog felt familiar yet unique.


blogbrandingcustom programmingweb design


RSS feeds automatically import the most recent blog post content to the main Inside The Arts portal page.

Shared resources reduce maintenance time but each site runs as fast and reliably as if it were a single install.

Each blog maintains a unique RSS feed and email subscription service.Shared navigation architecture.

Each blog author maintains control over importing and editing content.

As authors retire, individual blogs can be archived. This allows the content to remain publicly accessible without changes to permalinks but with reduced system resources.

Speed Sells

Don’t Sacrifice Speed for Beauty

Great design is crucial, but it’s not the whole story. Many arts organizations choose agencies solely on design strength, neglecting the critical role of development. This often results in stunning websites that crawl on mobile or load painfully slow.

At Venture, we understand the unique needs of arts & culture clients. We deliver award-winning design coupled with lightning-fast performance.


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