Haunted Mountain

web design | custom programming

Outdoor drama company Tecumseh! decided to launch a fall attraction and needed a simple micro-site to help promote and brand their fall themed outdoor event, with special effect lighting, animation, and live actors. The entire site was designed and launched in less than one week and is one of the most successful Venture designed micro-sites to date (not to mention one of most fun to design!).

The final result produced an incredibly tap-friendly design that works equally well on mobile and desktop devices. That’s right, everything you need to know about the attraction right down to a button for ordering tickets is on a handful of fast loading page that barely takes more than one second to load.

Website Highlights

  • Color palette pulled directly from hero images helps reinforce image focused branding.
  • Targeted use of CSS driven transparencies add multiple degrees of texture.
  • Stunning photography put to good use across each page.
  • Homepage countdown timer tracks the launch of their first show.



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