Counting The Costs

web design | branding | art direction

Count The Costs; career cost of ownership for orchestra string musicians started life as an article for The Strad and become a blog post at It became so popular that it needed a dedicated space to provide better user experience for all of the information and infographics.

The perfect solution was a microsite format.

The microsite format provided a number of new user experience enhancements, not the least of which is a fixed side navigation to easily move from one section to another. thanks to the clever navigation, everything fits onto a single webpage!

Project Overview

  • A clean, minimal design approach makes it easy for site visitors to engage with a wide array of class and event offerings.
  • Loads of custom graphics for background design elements and infographics to present data.
  • Sticky left-hand navigation bar works great on mobile devices by wrapping into a sticky hamburger triggered menu.
  • Each menu item has a dedicated anchor link attached, making it easy to send users to exact locations in the site.
  • WCAG compliant color contrast.


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