Christopher O’Riley

As pianist, arranger, collaborative artist, composer, educator and media personality, Christopher O’Riley continues to follow his passions where they’ve always led him, throughout his career, into a fractal array of innovative directions, ever striving for the truest and deepest human connection, through performance, collaboration, media communion. Living by the Duke Ellington adage, “There are only two kinds of music in the world; good music and the other kind.”, O’Riley seeks to celebrate the greatness inherent in all great music, self-evident in his all-embracing genre-fluid repertoire.

O’Riley needed an updated website capable of not only projecting the depth and variety of his professional work along side an equally diverse event schedule, but also serve as a new home for his official online store and a very active blog. Venture’s e-commerce functionality handles all of O’Riley’s dynamic needs for both digital downloads and traditional product fulfillment with a fully automated checkout and payment processing experience.

In addition to the e-commerce features, O’Riley’s site features a wealth of custom graphics and templates that can be used to maintain his look and feel when adding new products and downloads.


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Online store provides real time transaction processing and inventory control.

Customers/patrons can access digital download content (mp3 and sheet music) immediately after completing the purchase.

More than a dozen custom product image templates helps reinforce O’Riley’s updated graphic design and makes it simple to add new products down the road.

A picture is worth a thousand words: testimonials combined with supporting photography help reinforce O’Riley’s reputation.

Liberal use of high quality videos throughout the professional features pages.


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