Catherine Van Handel, Bassoon

Catherine Van Handel joined the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra as Principal Bassoon in 2017 at the age of 24. That’s an extraordinary accomplishment and if that weren’t enough, she champions new music for bassoon and operates a busy reed making and reed supply business. Being a self-motivated professional, she formed her own LLC and contracted Venture to help bring all of these career facets to life in a custom website.

The entire project came together in just over one month. In addition to fabulous copy and content, Catherine’s photos project a high-impact image. You will not forget her or her site! Venture incorporated them into her homepage with a wealth of custom design goodies. Her site is a perfect example of how much positive impact art design has on producing a remarkable final product.


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A clean, minimal design approach makes it easy for site visitors to engage with a wide array events and program offerings.

TWO custom logos, one that serves as her primary logo and one for her store pages.

An extensive video and audio library.

E-commerce functionality support shipped and digital download products.

Both the site and store are connected to a MailChimp marketing account that automatically adds new customers to segmented lists.

WCAG compliant color contrast.


Van Handel


Choosing Venture Industries was one of the best decisions I have made in my career. As a performing artist, I believe it is paramount to invest in yourself. Initially, I attempted to make my own website, but then it occurred to me that in order to make a memorable and powerful statement, my website had to look high-quality, sleek, and professional; I did not have the required expertise. Drew’s knowledge of the classical music industry and his website expertise enabled me quickly to gain trust in his work. He was understanding, patient, and shared my vision from start to finish. Drew always replied promptly when questions arose and provided crystal clear guidance on how to navigate the platform. Screenshots, step-by-step labeled markers, and always available for a quick chat are a few examples that helped create the site that I’m now proud to share. Now with my new website up and running, I have the ability and the platform to continue building my brand. I see so much potential and growth in the many years to come. Thank you to Drew McManus and to the entire Venture Industries team!
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