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Arya Daire, Actress/Singer

Following a series of higher profile roles, singer/actress Arya Daire needed to update and enhance her online presence; oh, and did we mention the entire project needed to be done in two weeks? We love challenges like this and came in on budget and ahead of schedule.

The project was unique in that the user desired a unique homepage layout that was completely different from the interior pages. The result was a bespoke solution that removed the header and navigation elements then relocated them vertically along the right hand side of the page. The interior pages then adopt the top, horizontal header and navigation elements to feature her medium specific portfolios along with her extensive resume and contact page for interested parties to reach out directly or via her representation.

Website Highlights

  • Bespoke homepage layout maximizes photographic impact and streamlines navigation.
  • Extensive use of portfolio pages highlight career segments and are easy to manage.
  • Extra Smartphone savvy by using large, finger friendly contact points throughout the entire design.
  • Custom graphics for audio portfolio items enhance professional image.
  • Pages rich with striking imagery.
Arya Daire

Arya Daire: Singer/Actress

Venture Industries was nothing short of a lifesaver for me. I was coming up on an important deadline and only had a very messy Tumblr site up – I needed to get a professional, polished site up without having too much time to do it. Drew and his team made the process exactly as easy as I needed it to be, I was so relieved. Their Basecamp is self-explanatory and so easy to use, Drew explained everything to me in a way I could understand and work with, and they were very fast to respond to everything. The price was also surprisingly affordable and is worth every penny. Any artist that wants an online portfolio can trust them, and I personally think every artist should definitely have one. It’s very worth it.
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