ArtsHacker is the result of good old fashioned necessity; up until the time of its launch, the field of nonprofit performing arts administration has been awash in a sea of theory and visioning. There are new models aplenty and regardless of their value, they don’t amount to a hill of beans without implementation.

Simply put, forget the conceptual stuff, people just need to get stuff done. As a result, ArtsHacker is designed to fill this void by providing high quality nuts-and-bolts oriented content from a broad cross section of contributors; each with unique skills sets, experience, and areas of expertise.

In addition to standard development service, Venture provided extensive content architecture planning along with providing a comprehensive stylesheet to provide unity across such a diverse group of content authors.


blogbrandinglogo designweb design


A bold, contrast oriented color scheme makes navigation and mobile viewing easier.

Dedicated author archives are populated automatically.

A novel category taxonomy based navigation in the sidebar is color coded to the bold palette.

WCAG Compliant Accessibility: We believe music should be accessible to everyone. The website adheres to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.

A special subject index page makes it easy for readers to locate content about specific topics.

A gorgeous custom logo, touch icon, and color palette.

Speed Sells

Don’t Sacrifice Speed for Beauty

Great design is crucial, but it’s not the whole story. Many arts organizations choose agencies solely on design strength, neglecting the critical role of development. This often results in stunning websites that crawl on mobile or load painfully slow.

At Venture, we understand the unique needs of arts & culture clients. We deliver award-winning design coupled with lightning-fast performance.


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