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“Practical tips, tricks, and pointers for getting things done as an arts manager.”

ArtsHacker is the result of good old fashioned necessity; up until the time of its launch, the field of nonprofit performing arts administration has been awash in a sea of theory and visioning. There are new models aplenty and regardless of their value, they don’t amount to a hill of beans without implementation.

Simply put, forget the conceptual stuff, people just need to get stuff done. As a result, ArtsHacker is designed to fill this void by providing high quality nuts-and-bolts oriented content from a broad cross section of contributors; each with unique skills sets, experience, and areas of expertise.

In addition to standard development service, Venture provided extensive content architecture planning along with providing a comprehensive stylesheet to provide unity across such a diverse group of content authors.

Website Highlights

  • A bold, contrast oriented color scheme makes navigation and mobile viewing easier.
  • Unique author profile function provides a popup overlay right from the author over page, all of which reduces page load speeds and puts more info at the visitor’s fingertips in less time.
  • Dedicated author archives are populated automatically.
  • A novel category taxonomy based navigation in the sidebar is color coded to the bold palette.
  • A special subject index page makes it easy for readers to locate content about specific topics.
  • A gorgeous custom logo, touch icon, and color palette.
  • Special admin functions that make it easier for the site Editor to review and schedule contributor articles once they are ready for publication.
  • Enhanced social sharing.
    Extra Smartphone savvy by using large, finger friendly contact points throughout the entire design along with an icon-centric navigation design.


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