Arts Capacity

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Arts Capacity helps people in need through the power of art, culture, communication, and live music to cope with challenges and develop the capacity to experience change for good.

Ever since their pilot program at the Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison in April, 2016 their results have been not only encouraging but inspiring.

As a result, the program’s core members decided to form a 501(c)3 which means they needed a website to deliver their mission, chronicle their efforts, and accept online donations.

Venture designed and launched a fully functioning ecommerce site in less than three days. It provides a conversion-centric one-page donation process, an integrated blog for the group to chronicle each event, and conduits for supporters to learn more about their mission and the organization’s leadership.

The site was designed with an eye toward expansion.

The existing framework is designed to scale and accommodate content as the organization grows and develops

Website Highlights

  • A mobile first design facilitates the ability for founding members to use web content for reference and to convert interest into real-time donations.
  • A single page donation form allows users to define their own giving level and complete payment in less than one minute.
  • The ecommerce platform automates donation receipts and includes all necessary notices for deductions etc.
  • A 100 percent responsive design provides large, tap friendly buttons carry through desktop, tablet, and smartphone layouts.


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