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Bel Air Music Studios

Located just north of Baltimore, MD the Bel Air Music Studios (BAMS) provides music instruction for piano, violin, and viola. With a goal of providing students with the highest quality private music instruction available in the greater Baltimore area, they have built a reputation as the premier private music school in the area for serious piano and violin students.

After moving into an expanded facility and bringing on board additional instructors, BAMS not only needed an enhanced web presence but a web based solution to automate scheduling, invoicing, and payments. As a result, Venture developed an integrated solution that leverages Freshbooks, PayPal, and our proprietary booking module. The result is a remarkably user friendly system that automates most of their monthly and semester invoicing while allowing students to register for trial lessons thanks to real time booking availability.

Website Highlights

  • Prospective students can sign up for trial lessons right from the site via a completely automated booking module that adjusts availability in real time.
  • Custom designed new student registration forms automatically create client records at Freshbooks upon submission that records billing data as well as payment preferences. In turn, BAMS then assigns one of several ready-made invoice templates.
  • Custom forms allow monthly and semester students to notify their respective instructors about any potential absences; in turn, this data is fed into the automated Freshbooks invoicing.
  • Portfolio post types serve as an excellent solution for presenting recital video and audio content. Parents can share videos with family and friends right from their child’s respective recital performance page.
  • Extra mobile device savvy by using large, finger friendly contact points throughout the entire design and places commonly used items accessible via large, easy to find buttons.
  • A classic custom logo and color palette alongside dedicated studio photography reinforce professionalism and quality.
  • A dedicated page for student testimonials.
Christopher Dillon

Dr. Christopher Dillon: Proprietor, Bel Air Music Studios

We have received four trial lesson reservations (one by phone and one using the booking system) in 48 hours after our site went live. Needless to say, I’m delighted! The Venture Platform system is very easy to use. I have managed all of it, including locating details of the trial lesson bookings like phone numbers and email addresses, from my smartphone. I’m astounded at your ability to integrate all of its aspects at my end for maximum efficiency and intuitiveness, and at the user’s end for maximum beauty and elegance.

I’ve also already used the Freshbooks invoices to encourage parents to catch up on their September payments. Very effective, and very easy to adjust for credits, discounts, and transaction fees. It is simply magical the way new user’s registration goes directly to Freshbooks, and allows me to use it immediately without any data entry on my part. Your system does all of that!

Your support makes me confident that no matter how our music school grows, you’ll always be able to help me understand how to adjust our website and its integrated communications, registration, and billing solutions to maximize our potential to better serve our artistic community.

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