Jason Haaheim: Principal Timpanist, MET Orchestra

Principal Timpanist

MET Orchestra

After I won the MET job, it quickly became clear that a high-profile appointment like that needed a high-profile web presence… and my old homegrown cobbled-together personal site wasn’t going to cut it. Enter Venture: he understood my needs better than I did, crafting a site structure that would serve as a sharp and professional baseline, but with lots of room to grow and add content. Aesthetically, he quickly determined my style and preferences, and delivered a look and feel that matched superbly. Venture was quickly responsive to all calls and emails, and the consequent setup and launch cycle was remarkably brief. Moreover, Venture delivers one of the most powerful events manager engines around — it adeptly combines sophisticated capabilities with simple back-end control. All of this helps realize the final goal: far from being another “job” to manage, this site will now help me do mine better.

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