Real Time Reservations

If you need to allow site visitors to reserve days and/or blocks of time via a real-time calendar, this is your solution. Venture’s Real Time Reservations add-on allows you to sell those reserved times or allow users to reserve time free of charge.


It’s an ideal solution for users who need to offer specific appointments, services, or groups classes.

Features Include:

  • Create flexible reservation slots: allow visitors to reserve time only when you’ve indicated or allow them to decide the specific begin and end time.
  • Frontend filtering and real-time updates: allows site visitors to filter available slots updated as options are reserved and/or sold.
  • Multi-person reservations: ideal for classroom, lecture, and masterclass situations where you have a fixed number of available seats.
  • Manual reservations: need to make a reservation via a face-to-face setting? No problem, you can enter in someone’s information and reserve the time from the admin panel.
  • Confirmation emails: setup email notification to be informed of confirmed or requested reservations as well as sending out reservation reminders.
  • Multi-faceted reservation fee structure:  you’ll have a tremendous amount of flexibility in defining costs per reservation, resource, block, people or duration.
  • Reservation approval: if you need to manually approve reservations as opposed to allowing users to reserve in real-time, it is easy to setup and the buyer won’t be invoiced until you’ve approved the reservation.
  • Variable reservation types: these are additional options you can create per reservation product such as providing a private lesson with a grand piano or an upright piano then assign upgrade fees if the buyer selects those options.
  • Multiple admin views: view reservations via list or graphic calendar interface.

This is an ideal solution for private teachers, institutions offering courses and lectures, as well as service organizations reserving time for masterclasses or workshops or groups needing to offer online audition reservations.

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