Multiple External Fulfillment

Link out to multiple third party fulfillment providers!


Link out to multiple third party fulfillment providers!

External/Affiliate products have always been a great feature of Venture Commerce, but they only allow one outbound link target. You can’t sell a product yourself and link to one or more retailer or distributor’s website. This extension provides enhanced functionality by allowing you to list multiple retailers rather than one affiliate link.

Easily setup retailers or distributors for products in your store, including a URL to their website, then assign them to individual products. Customers can then visit their preferred retailer or distributor’s website to purchase.

This is an ideal add-on for artists selling digital download recordings through multiple sources like iTunes and!


  • Setup retailers/distributors and assign them products
  • Set a unique link for each retailer/distributor globally or on a per-product basis
  • List multiple product affiliates
  • Fully supports simple and variable products
  • Customize the text for the “Purchase” button
  • Optionally make a product purchasable only from the retailer/distributor
  • Use buttons or a drop-down menu to show available retailer
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