Membership Management

Advanced Membership Management provides a way to not only sell and manage memberships, but it also includes an integrated content restriction feature along with enhanced user admin panels.


This add-on creates a brand new user role that is automatically assigned to the buyer upon successful purchase so there’s no need to worry about any conflict with existing user role functionality up and running at your site.

In addition to providing gift memberships (useful for board members or large donors) you can automatically “drip” content accessibility and special discounts out for however many days you want after the membership is purchased. Existing members will be provided with a special section in their My Account page providing details of the membership and direct links to any restricted content pages/posts/events/products.


  • Restrict Content: you can not only restrict pages, posts, events, or products but you can restrict entire taxonomies (categories and tags)!
  • Macro and micro content restrictions: restrict entire pages or only certain parts of content within a page thanks to a special content restriction shortcode.
  • Extensible: create and offer multiple tiers of paid or unpaid memberships, you can even migrate members between plans.
  • Manually add members or upload in bulk from existing user roles: if you already have a number of existing subscribers or customer user roles in the system, you can add them to one or more memberships manually or import new members in bulk via csv file upload.
  • Enhanced User Admin Panel: after logging in, member users will see an overview of their existing membership, the initial sign-up date, expiration date, status, and the ability to renew or cancel. You can also determine if their my account page should display direct links to restricted content, a list of member only products, member discounts, or even maintain a list of messages exchanged between you and the member.
  • Connected & Synchronized: the membership functionality can be synced to some CRM systems via custom programming or a simple Zapier connection. Contact Venture to see if your CRM plays nice with others. If your CRM only accepts data via csv import, no problem, Venture’s Advanced e-Commerce Reports add-on will provide all of the flexibility you need to export necessary member information whenever new memberships are sold or patrons exist their member records.

 Special Enhanced Functionality

You can supercharge your membership management by automating renewals, create recurring billing, provide the ability for members to upgrade/downgrade memberships, automatic prorate charges on upgrade/downgrade, provide free trials with specific time limits, and allow users to pause membership with time credited when combined with the Subscriptions add-on.

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