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Press Release Admin Panel
Press Release Admin Panel
Press Release Boilerplate Admin Panel
Press Release Boilerplate Admin Panel
Press Release Listing Admin Panel
Press Release Listing Admin Panel

Venture Press Release Manager


Introducing one of our most unique Add-ons: Venture Press Release Manager. Designed to be a dedicated function for creating and managing press release content, it provides a substantial amount of control over creating categorized press release entries and lists that can be inserted into any page or post as well as widgetized sidebars and footers.

The Add-on offers three powerful admin panels:

Creating/Editing Press Releases

  • Dedicated fields for “release date,” “tag/sub headline,” “Location,” and “Custom Summary.”
  • Attach downloadable copy of the PR in either pdf or doc/docx format (or both!).
  • Select unique boilerplate templates for “About” and “Contact Info.”
  • Post-date publication date to the second for embargoed content.
  • Attach featured image in addition to embedded photos in the PR content.
  • Assign unique boilerplate as needed.
  • Create unlimited number of categories, used to create custom PR lists and archives.
  • Assign standard WordPress tags.
  • Each of the unique fields can be styled however you wish for frontend display; for pro users, this is a free service with your annual license fee and a one-time-only design fee for Standard and Artist users.
  • And yes, the system automatically places ### at the end of every PR for you!

Creating/Editing Boilerplates & Contact Info

  • Use the free-form content editor to create desired “About” content.
  • Dedicated fields for contact info: “Name,” “Position/Title,” “Phone,” “Email,” “Mailing Address,” “Website,” “Twitter,” “Facebook,” and “LinkedIn.”
  • Venture automatically transforms social media, email, and website meta into clickable links on the frontend.
  • Create an unlimited number of boilerplates and assign to individual PRs as desired.
  • Editing a boilerplate will push those changes through to all individual press releases currently published! Say goodbye to outdated “Contact” and “About” info floating around online!

Creating/Editing PR Lists

  • Create lists that show titles only or ready formatted content blocks that include “Title,” “Tag Line” (if assigned), “Custom Summary” (if assigned), PDF/DOC download buttons (if downloadable content assigned), and “Featured Image” (if assigned).
  • Set maximum number of PR entries to show before a “read more” button appears.
  • Customize “Read More” button text.
  • Customize “Read More” URL target (you can even include outbound links).
  • Assign any number of categories or tags.
  • Universal editing means you can make changes to an existing list and those modifications will be pushed through to the frontend automatically, anywhere that list is being used.
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