Uber Menus

$350/year - free for Pro users!

Expand on Venture’s existing features and functionality with plug & play power upgrades! Just like everything else with Venture, we take care of installation, upgrades, and offer complete support!


Uber Menus


The UberMenu add-on is a user-friendly, highly customizable tool that allows users to break out of silo style menu navigation. It provides a single drop-down that appears on click or hover, shows all the options in one large panel, groups options into related categories, and allows the use of icons or other graphics to help the user. And just like everything else with Venture, it’s completely responsive so it functions in all Smartphone and tablet browsers.

The add-on comes with more than 21 preset styles, each of which have more than 100 customizable options. It can be used in horizontal and vertical variations as well as widgetized custom menus. For an additional one time fee, Venture can customize your mega menu and if you aren’t used to thinking outside of the navigation silo box, we can provide expert project planning support on how to maximize the menu’s efficiency.

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