Transactional Email Provider Integration


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Transactional Email Provider Integration

Unlike traditional email marketing that relies on messages sent to mass recipients, transactional email focuses on purpose driven messages sent to a single recipient. Typically, transactional emails are connected to a specific action, such as an email receipt following a completed ecommerce purchase. But they can include anything from account confirmation messages (password resets, account creation, etc.) to shipping notifications, to payment or event reminders.

Transactional email messages are generated automatically and contain a combination of static and dynamic content, the latter of which being information related to purpose the message was triggered.

Using a transactional email provides a higher deliverability ratio and in most cases, affords the ability to track individual message delivery.

Just like email marketing accounts, transactional email providers tend to offer free and paid accounts. Our recommended provider, SendGrid, has a solid free account that should meet the needs for users without eCommerce or those with fewer than 10 orders per day.

Likewise, you’ll need to create an account at the provider of your choosing, but Venture will handle all of the heavy lifting and show you how to use the service’s tracking features.

Current Provider List

If you would like to consider a provider not on this list, get in touch and we’ll see if it’s something we can do for you.

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