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Texas Medal of Arts

Texas Cultural Trust’s (TCT) signature, star-studded event, the Texas Medal of Arts Awards, will take place in Austin, in its ninth biennial year, on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 21-22, 2017 at Texas Performing Arts, The University of Texas at Austin. Since its inception in 2001, the biennial Awards have awarded 99 medals to 105 Texas leaders and luminaries who have achieved greatness through their creative talents, as well as those whose generosity has opened doors to artistic opportunity for Texans of all ages.

TCT found themselves in a position where they needed to migrate the former version of the site to Venture with very short notice. And since we love a challenge, and with the help of a tireless TCT staffer, we completed all of the content migration and design work in merely nine hours!

Although we used the original design as inspiration, every one of their pages benefitted from a design makeover and we improved the user experience for site visitors exploring more than 100 honoree bios.

Website Highlights

  • Venture’s Team Member Showcase Add-on provides a visually stunning and intuitive user experience for site visitors to explore more than 100 award honorees.
  • The Advanced Design and Layout tools helped transform much of the existing copy-only content into a dynamic and engaging user browsing experience.
  • Big, bold typography scales elegantly from large high resolution desktops down to the smallest of Smartphone screens.
  • A genuine mobile-first design provides an unparalleled mobile experience with large, tap friendly action items.
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