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Texas Cultural Trust

Texas Cultural Trust is a leading voice for the arts in education, advocacy, and economic impact in Texas, spotlighting the artistic excellence of their state, they’ve seen many of their programs grow and thrive over the years. As a result, they needed a new site capable of projecting each program’s unique mission and activity in a self-contained experience while keeping everything under the organization’s updated branding. The result is a wonderfully enjoyable and design rich site environment!

Their site features a wealth of high impact design elements, coupled with intuitive user friendly layouts.

Individual programs are an integral part of the organization’s activity so the new site focuses as much design time, if not more, on creating a consistent and intuitive landing page layout used across all programs. The grid based interface works beautifully across all device types while subtle animation and use of background videos add movement and warm up the overall user experience.

The site is filled with inspired design to highlight the organization’s impact, accomplishments, and advocacy efforts. Promoting the growing library of media is a central design component.

Website Highlights

  • Grid based layouts for each unique program page are unique across each instance and function perfectly inside a responsive design environment.
  • Page headers use a combination of video and sliding image gallery backgrounds, all of which add a dynamic feel to the site.
  • Big, bold typography scales elegantly from large high resolution desktops down to the smallest of Smartphone screens.
  • Liberal application of animated modules and elements make otherwise static info grab user attention.
  • A high concept navigation architecture features a sticky desktop menu along with an image based mega menu while the mobile menus condense everything into intuitive navigation accordions.
  • A genuine mobile-first design provides an unparalleled mobile experience with large, tap friendly action items.
  • Thanks to Venture’s Advanced Social Sharing add-on, they can create bespoke sharing messages and images for each page.
  • On desktop and laptop devices, a sophisticated slide up social share bar spans the full width of the page footer. It’s animation and timing matches that of the sticky navigation menu at the top. The share bar includes social share buttons for respective page content along with direct links to institutional social media profiles.
  • Navigation architecture is driven by exacting serial design standards maximizes the user interface while moving visitors intuitively toward high priority content.

Ashley Allison, Executive Assistant, Texas Cultural Trust

Our website is a true Cinderella story – and Drew McManus is our fairy godmother! With the help of Drew and his team at Venture Industries, our reach as a statewide arts advocacy organization has grown exponentially. Our website is colorful, interactive, and SO easy to manage! A year ago, our online presence was minimal; today, we have more online traffic than ever before. Thank you, Drew!
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