SSL Certificate

$50/year (single) $200/year (wildcard)

Expand on Venture’s existing features and functionality with plug & play power upgrades! Just like everything else with Venture, we take care of installation, upgrades, and offer complete support!

SSL Certificate


What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is a protocol that will encrypt a website’s data. This will assure your customers that what they are visiting is your site, not an imposter’s site that is pretending to be your site. Data that is transmitted via SSL is encrypted to ensure that it cannot be intercepted by any third parties.

Why would I need one?

If you want to process credit card transactions right from your Venture powered website, the SSL certificate is needed to make sure the data transmissions are secure; if you don’t wish to use an SSL certificate, you can still take credit cards but you’ll need to link out to the respective gateway provider’s checkout process, meaning, your patrons leave your site.

Purchasing from Venture

Purchasing an SSL certificate through Venture is easy, we use our host, WP Engine, to provide  the most hassle-free way to get setup with additional security.  We partner with RapidSSL so that we can offer you the opportunity to not only purchase the SSL Certificates, but also have them automatically installed. If you would like more info about RapidSSL you can consult:

Moreover, we only charge what WPEngine charges, meaning there are now added fees tacked on!

All SSL certificates are automatically renewed every 365 days and after 30-days, the fee for your SSL becomes non-refundable. In most cases, we can have an SSL cert up and running in less than a day.

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