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Absolutely not! Venture is continuously updated for you at no extra cost to you so we can incorporate the latest advancements in web standards and security.

Since Venture is a completely managed and hosted solution, you can access it from any browser, anywhere which means there’s no hosting hassles or software installation nightmares.

Although most users are happy to let us step up and  take care of all your graphic design needs, you can use your own graphic designer to design on top of Venture.

Venture provides all programming services for custom functionality, design, and development work. However, if you have a team member with CSS or HTML skills, you’ll be able to put those to good use tweaking content elements.

We offer annual and monthly billing options. Annual billing takes place on the first Monday of September, users who select this option are only responsible for paying a prorated amount of the first year’s fee through the September annual billing date, at which point they pay the first full subscription fee. As an added layer of protection, every new subscriber receives a 30-day risk free trial period to determine if Venture is right for their organization. If not, cancel for a full refund.

Yes. We offer referral credits to organizations that recommend Venture to one of their peers. In this scenario, organizations earn one month of credit for each referral that subscribes to the same level plan they do. If the referral subscribes at a higher level, you earn two months of credit to your following year’s annual fee but there’s no penalty if they subscribe at a lower level! There is no limit to how much referral credits an organization can earn.

We also offer an opt-out credit for users who do not need the included email marketing feature.

Our support is legendary! Online support is unlimited and all questions submitted by 5:00pm CT are answered on the same day. But don’t worry, we’re never going to leave you hanging, if you have an bat-phone level emergency or are feeling overwhelmed, just write or call, we’ll be there to help and you won’t have to worry about getting nickel-and-dimed. All subscribers receive 30 days of unlimited telephone support to help you during the time when you’ll be busiest and year-round telephone support is available.

In almost any other situation, we would agree with you. But every now and then we cross a threshold where advances in technology provide substantially improved products at substantially reduced costs. Look at what Henry Ford accomplished with the Model T and what Andrew Carnegie did with steel. In Venture’s case, recent advancements in open source technology and a responsible business plan that favors sustainability over blind profit margins have come together to provide a purpose built platform designed especially for arts organizations.

Email marketing accounts for nonprofit uses are provided by MailChimp and for profit and artist account users receive accounts from MailChimp. In both cases, they are yours to use however you like. Either option can be used in conjunction with an existing email marketing solution or you can use it as your primary option. For those wishing to opt out of the service, we offer a 5% discount off of the cost of your base annual subscription rate.

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