Order & Patron CSV Exporter


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Order & Patron CSV Exporter


This add-on enhances existing exporting tools by simplifying the data transfer to other systems via a patron and/or order exporter that outputs CSV formatted files. Export bulk export data on demand or you set an automatic export via FTP or HTTP POST for any or all order statuses!

Features Include:

  • Export patron data: name, email, addresses, whether a paying customer, and more
  • Define order export by date and status
  • Automatically export orders to CSV on a recurring basis via FTP or HTTP POST
  • Automatically upload your CSV exports to a remote server via FTP
  • View export status on the Orders screen
  • Export individual orders from the Orders or Edit Order page
  • Export order data: order amounts, linked patron, addresses, items, order notes, order numbers, etc.
  • Set a custom filename for exported files
  • Export custom fields (meta) for patron and orders

Automatically Export Orders

Many third-party services require you to upload your orders or customer information in a CSV file via FTP. This is a very time-consuming process, which can be completely automated with this extension. Each order is marked as “exported” and an order note is added to help manage your fulfillment process.

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