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Creation Technologies is a Responsive, Global Provider of Transformative End-to-End Solutions for OEMs. With 10 Manufacturing Facilities, 2 Design Centers, 2 Rapid Prototyping Centers and a Global Materials Sourcing Group across four countries, Creation is proud to call 200 OEMs around the world their customers.

Creation Tech is one of Venture’s non-arts clients and with annual revenues in excess of $500 million, they needed a web provider capable of providing the type of support Venture is known for as well as a provider capable of delivering on an extraordinarily tight deadline for a massive redesign project. Venture managed to complete the project ahead of schedule in just under two weeks which provided Creation Tech’s executive tier time they needed to review and refine.

The project introduced a number of unique challenges that Venture was able to solve with our extensive standard features along with a set of targeted custom programming.

Website Highlights

Customized Press Release Management
  • Venture created a dedicated post type made especially for creating, managing, and displaying press releases.
  • User defined about and contact info boilerplates make retroactive changes to existing press releases easy.
  • Customizable PR lists provide flexibility in layout and categorization.
  • Universal editing means you can make changes to an existing list and those modifications will be pushed through to the frontend automatically, anywhere that list is being used.
Salesforce CRM Integration
  • Real time data connection with their CRM (Salesforce) pushes sales and service inquiries into their existing opportunity record structure.
  • Venture worked closely with CreationTech’s internal database manager to customize the connections and even refine their existing structure so as to improve internal efficiency.
  • In addition to a dual mega menu structure, each parent page within their navigation architecture features an internal section navigation mega menu.
  • A “sticky menu” that is always visible on desktop browsers collapses both mega menus into a concise text and icon design layout that doesn’t hog screen space but is always handy when users need it.
  • Dynamic elements pull menu content directly from recent blog posts.
  • Venture utilized an existing custom slide in menu function to design a remarkably unique sitemap that provides site visitors with a comprehensive overview of the site’s nearly 100 pages.
An Extensive Company Blog
  • As an employee owned business, Creation employees have an increased sense of stakeholdership and one byproduct is a dynamic corporate blog featuring a dozen employees throughout several departments and locations.
  • Each blogger maintains a dedicated bio and archive.
  • Blog posts are dynamically integrated throughout several points of contact including the menu and page footers.
Custom Team Management
  • With three areas of leadership, Executive, Regional, and Functional, composed of more than two dozen individuals, CreationTech needed a way to easily manage and display each corporate profile.
  • Custom single post type for each team bio page allows CreationTech to make edits or create/delete individual team profiles and have those changes automatically push though to any instance where the profile is used within the full website.
  • Filtered display options per team group.
Media Driven Design
  • Liberal use of embedded video and full width images with text/CTA overlay content.
  • An entertaining animated “Facts” page.
  • The majority of images feature Creation employees in their work environment.
  • Large, touch friendly design elements facilitate a user-friendly content navigation experience.
Dedicated Careers Website
  • Provides the ability for each facility to assign a jobs manager to post openings and process applications.
  • A corporate site admin oversees internal communication and listing moderation.
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