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Town Hall is Seattle’s (THS) community cultural center, offering a broad program of music, humanities, civic discourse, and world culture events. Local, national, and international programs and performances are scheduled year-round in the Great Hall, in the Public Room, and Downstairs at Town Hall. Many of Seattle’s cultural and civic organizations use the facility for a busy schedule of concerts, lectures, meetings, and fundraising events.

Among Venture’s more complex projects, the focus of this project could be summed up as a masterpiece of automation. Using THS’ unique (and downright inspired) vision for crafting a website focused user experience that is tightly integrated with their live event environment, Venture managed to provide a solution that unlike any other in the field and is capable of evolving with their ideas and needs.

In addition to a dynamic user experience, the project also involved a sizable amount of custom programming to integrate their e-commerce and discussion functionality with their new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Moreover, THS already required a number of additional custom solutions to integrate and sync their event meta with various points of contact, including everything from their email marketing to third party community event calendars.

THS is a very membership driven organization; they offer several levels of memberships with a wide variety of benefits. Venture managed to incorporate those variable points of contact throughout the site for logged in users in a seamless, real time fashion.

Website Highlights

Event Management

  • Venture’s integrated category color functionality was a perfect fit for THS’s established event category branding. The end results deliver maximize visual wow factor and vastly improved user event navigation.
  • Customized event filters provide additional methods for users to navigate THS’ diverse event offerings.
  • A seriously cool event filter that flies in from the left side of the screen on desktop/laptop browsers.
  • Venture’s Automated Event RSS Email Campaign add-on allowed THS to create numerous email campaigns that automatically push event meta into email messages which, in turn, are delivered to thousands of subscribers. The entire massive process is 100% automatic and operates with the precision and reliability of a ballet.
  • A custom Random Event Generator function provides site visitors with a unique way to discover new interests.

CRM Functionality

  • Real time data connection with their CRM (Salesforce) pushes membership, donation, merchandise, and user comment meta and pulls a logged in user’s membership info into numerous frontend elements.
  • Venture worked closely with THS’ CRM migration specialists to create a custom solution for critical data sync tasks.

Navigation Menus

  • Mega menus help organize and convey an enormous amount of content in user friendly panels that feature event category color branding, icons, and a live google map.
  • A “sticky menu” that is always visible on desktop browsers collapses to an icon-only view height that doesn’t hog screen space but is always handy when users need it.
  • Conditional menu elements display based on user login status.

Custom Programming & e-Commerce Enhancements

  • Venture created dedicated event RSS feeds required in order to automatically push event meta to a local Seattle event calendar.
  • Event archives function provides a way for THS to add audio and video content to a searchable/filterable event archive that automatically provides new content to all users for a fixed number of days then automatically flips the content over to member-only status.
  • Advanced e-Commerce reporting tool allows THS to generate a nearly limitless number of filtered custom sales reports.
  • Venture designed custom event meta displays with variable tiers of conditional display levels allowing THS to automatically provide logged in members with critical benefit details based on their level of membership.

Zac Eckstein: Ticketing and Website Manager, Town Hall Seattle

Over the years, The Venture Platform has provided Town Hall the online stability and presence that non-profit orgs often struggle to maintain with limited budgets and staffing. As we’ve grown and transitioned, Drew has been right at our side guiding us and helping us to make decisions that directly affect our success as an organization. Plus, their customer service and support are unequivocally the best of any vendor we work with!


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