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The Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) takes serving their constituents seriously, case in point, they operate a crazy popular jobs board for theatre org related openings.

Before moving to Venture, they were processing dozens of listings per months manually. Yes, manually. That includes running credit cards remotely. That’s what we call a real grind.

Not only is that a big black hole of a time suck, it isn’t much fun for employers either.

Fortunately, Venture is all about the automation.

Not only did we automate the entire job submission and credit card charge processing, we moved the user experience that was stuck in Web 2.0 land to a 100% responsive platform that is driven by mobile first user experience.

We introduced a slew of job seeker features that made an already popular theatre gig portal to rock star level attractive.

Website Highlights

  • Simple live searching and filtering makes finding relevant jobs easier than ever.
  • Custom taxonomy allows SETC to introduce Theatre-specific jobs classifications.
  • 12 different member and non-member priced job listing packages allow employers to purchase listings for 30, 60, and 90-day lengths.
  • Job seekers can bookmark listings and create customized email job alerts to let them know when new listings from categories, specific employers, or locations are posted.
  • SETC site admins can moderate all incoming listings to maintain quality control and respond to employer questions.
  • Job seekers can apply to openings right from each listing.
  • Integrated social sharing helps increase reach among job seekers and employers.
  • Automatic company profile feature groups all listings from single employers into auto generated.

Clay Thornton: Marketing Manager, Southeastern Theatre Conference

Drew McManus and the team at Venture Industries have proved exceedingly helpful in every phase of our website hosting and web development with them.

They continue to be an exceptional resource for us on everything from website security to big improvements in our user interfaces for the variety of members and audiences we serve.


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