Southeastern Theatre Conference

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SETC is the strongest and broadest network of theatre practitioners in the United States. They provide extensive resources and year-round opportunities for our constituents. Our services, publications, and products contribute significantly to the careers of emerging artists, seasoned professionals and academicians. SETC energizes the practical, intellectual and creative profile of theatre in America.

SETC is an excellent example of a user that wasn’t looking for an large scale redesign but instead, wanted to port over their existing design in order to benefit from feature Venture provided but were not currently available on their previous platform.

By the time their Venture powered site launched, we did manage to take advantage of a few new features that helped solve existing user experience pain points. In particular, the Venture’s megamenu allowed a way for them to display  a cleaner navigation architecture for a large amount of content.

In addition to the primary site migration, we designed a brand new dedicated Jobs Board, which you can read more about in that project’s user profile.

In 2017, SETC launched a dedicated online store microsite which serves as a donation portal and online store for shipped and digital download products.

Website Highlights

  • Liberal application of animated modules and elements make otherwise static info grab user attention.
  • A mega menu provides a user friendly solution for displaying a large amount of content across multiple navigation levels.
  • Content Is King! A dedicated sidebar navigation menus feature collapsable levels of parent/child/grand-child level hierarchical content. This provides a useful user experience boost as visitors navigate through the service organization’s extensive resource content.
  • A genuine mobile-first design provides an unparalleled mobile experience with large, tap friendly action items.

Clay Thornton: Marketing Manager, Southeastern Theatre Conference

Drew McManus and the team at Venture Industries have proved exceedingly helpful in every phase of our website hosting and web development with them.

They continue to be an exceptional resource for us on everything from website security to big improvements in our user interfaces for the variety of members and audiences we serve.


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