SETC Store

web design | e-commerce

The Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) needed a reliable, straightforward eCommerce solution to handle selling a small amount of shipped and downloadable products along with taking donations.

They wanted a system where digital downloads would be entirely automated. Moreover, their donation product needed to accommodate both user defined donation amounts and provide a way for donors to contribute mutually exclusive amounts to 10 additional scholarship and study programs.

Venture created a solution in the form of a dedicated store micro-site that accommodates all of those needs while incorporating the checkout into each product, allowing donors and customers to complete their entire transaction from a single page!

Website Highlights

  • Single page checkout process increases conversion and improves overall user experience.
  • Digital downloads are made available to buyers immediately after payment is confirmed.
  • Flat rate shipping combined with limiting qualifying countries helps prevent lost revenue from under-charging.


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